Ballet Classes

Big & Small

For children aged 2 upwards. Older students who prefer dancing with an adult. A fun class with parents, nannies or anyone keen to join their little dancers. Baby siblings welcome to come along.


Pre-schoolers, intended as year prior starting reception. The first approach-ballet technique in a creative and imaginative style.


Reception children and school year 1. A definite development from the former stage and a preparation-more demanding ballet technique. * Advanced rising Stars are children in Year 1 who have already attended previous levels at Eos Dance

Mini Ballerini

Introduction of barre work and more elaborated enchaînments. From school year 2, up-and including beginners in Year 3 and 4.


Beginners in Year 4 or older children with little or no ballet background. Very advanced school year 3.


Children from school year 5, according-level of experience.

Sugar Plum Fairies

Children from year 5-6, with a strong ballet background. Tweens and teenagers at beginner level.