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Eos – The Greek goddess of dawn

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My daughter absolutely LOVES her ballet class. The class is fun filled, energetic and a great way to spend half an hour. My daughter loves using her imagination to flutter like a butterfly, dance whilst wearing mummy’s high heels, hold the handkerchief up and stand on her tipitoes. It’s a brilliant way to express herself and she proudly shows us her ‘ballet moves’ at home. Thank you Ari.


I always enjoy and look forward to the classes on Saturday afternoons. I really feel I’ve had a good work out, probably due to the cardio/dance we do at the beginning of the session – we’re totally warmed up and ready for the stretching – I love the Latin music we exercise to as well. Your individual attention is also much appreciated – you always take the time to check everyone’s position and breathing, and I can always feel the difference.


When I first went to the parents’ day I could not believe that little ballerina was my shy little girl. What a transformation! In a few months, Ari managed to make her personality and dancing skills develop in the most natural way. Children are happy to go to her classes and love being with her. All of them improve quickly and don’t feel stressed or as if they were in a competition. Plus, her classes are such fun! My daughter tried other schools before but I’ve never seen her so happy to go to ballet.


After many disheartening experiences, I decided to try Arianna’s tutoring. Because of my condition I have to do Pilates but I have always ended up by feeling worse after sessions. With her I came in and immediately felt reassured and encouraged. Everyone was working at their own pace and Ari was following each of us individually. I left feeling energetic and pain-free, which was something I didn’t expect. After a week I was even better and now would never miss a class. Thank you Ari


My daughter really loved ballet classes with Ari which she did from 5-12, only stopping when secondary school and COVID got in the way. Ari is kind, considerate and obviously loves what she does. As a mum, it is lovely to see your child enjoy dance and performing without being pushed into tests and exams. I recommend Ari to anyone looking for fun inclusive dance classes for their child!


Miss Ari’s ballet class has been a brilliant experience. It’s fun and uplifting and Miss Ari has been a wonderful mentor for me. The classes are interesting and different and Ari makes sure every student is helped and no-one falls behind. Eos ballet is a great class, I’d recommend it to everyone!